At some point in our lives, most of us have entered a public toilet facility, only to find that it has been the target of extensive graffiti vandalism.

This will usually make people feel very uncomfortable about using the facility, not knowing if they are going to be ambushed while they are in the room.

Such graffiti vandalism is often a sign that an unwanted element is hanging around the area at certain times of the day and can also be associated with drug dealers or users.

When these facilities are left in this condition, and the graffiti removal not taken care of, it sends a message to these people that the local authorities are not taking any notice of their presence, so they often continue to use the area.

As with any instance of graffiti, we always recommend acting quickly to clean the graffiti. This will help to ensure the best cleaning result, but also show those responsible that their presence is being watched. This helps to deter more graffiti and often sees the perpetrators move away from the area.

When it comes to graffiti removal in a facility like the one shown here, it can be a real challenge for the regular cleaners to deal with. Often, there are lots of different surfaces that have been tagged, and each can require a different cleaning solution and treatment process to efficiently perform the cleaning task.

As experts in graffiti removal and clean ups, our team of technicians have a wide range of unique graffiti cleaning solutions that allows them to select the right product for each situation.

This not only ensures a great graffiti removal job, but also makes the whole process much more efficient.

A common problem that we find is that the regular cleaners of the facility have attempted to remove the graffiti using solvents or other strong chemicals, only to have made more of a mess.

So, to get the best graffiti removal result every time, give us a call and we’ll get it off.

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