Graffiti vandals make use of a large assortment of spray cans, marker pens and other highly visible substances to tag and vandalise property. If not dealt with quickly and professionally, this will often result in either more graffiti attacks at the same location, or a messy clean-up attempt that has caused more damage than the graffiti.

Nearly all residential and commercial properties have custom design elements, feature walls, or fences that serve to both enhance the look of the property while providing security and privacy.

Timber is often used for the construction of these features as it not only looks great and gives a natural finish that fits in with almost any design, it is also a lot more cost effective and allows for creative styling.

When it comes to protecting timber from potential graffiti vandalism, there are a few things to consider in order to select the right product for the job.

Most timber products are highly porous and will absorb and retain moisture, which will cause it to expand and contract significantly. This porosity also means that unsealed timber will easily absorb paint and other graffiti substances.

These will usually soak deep into the timber, making it difficult to remove the graffiti without leaving some amount of shadowing from the graffiti tags.

Many anti-graffiti coatings aren’t as flexible as timber and won’t expand and move to the same degree as the timber and as a result will often crack, peel and fail after a short period of time.

If the timber has a smooth, close grain finish, and is not exposed to direct sunlight or rain, it may be possible to protect it using a long-life anti-graffiti coating.

For timber that is more exposed to the outdoor elements, it is better to protect these using a suitable timber oil, stain or paint. This will not only protect it from the elements and help the timber to last a long time, but also allow for easier graffiti removal in the event of vandalism.

When timber is sealed this way, it usually only requires a light sanding to remove the graffiti, where it can then be resealed or painted using the same product. When done correctly, the finish will usually blend in with the existing coating and leave the area looking like there was no graffiti there.

Our experienced team of Technicians are able to help with sealing and protecting timber surfaces, as well as any graffiti removal that may be required.

If you have areas at your property that you’d like to seal and protect, give our customer service team a call to arrange for a quote.