Sandstone is put to many uses in construction and landscaping development for both commercial, residential and local council.

It is a beautiful stone that can easily be shaped and smoothed to suit the needs of the development design.

However, as this type of stone is very porous it is very susceptible to graffiti as well as general grime and mould.

If sandstone isn’t sealed trying to clean off graffiti and other stains can be very difficult and often results in the stone requiring re-surfacing in order to take off the stain.

There are quite a few anti-graffiti and sealer options for sandstone, depending on where it is use, and what you want to protect it from. But either way it is a great idea to seal this stone in order to preserve its beauty for many years.

Our technicians are trained to select and apply the correct sealer for a wide range of surface types, so speak to our customer support team today.