The use of natural stone as well as cement in the construction of public monuments is very common as it provides a beautiful look to the sculptured and textured finish of these displays.

As these substrates are very porous, they are prone to staining from dirt, grime and mould.

However, an even bigger problem for these is graffiti vandalism!

Paint from a graffiti attack can soak deep into the porous stone or cement surface, which can make it extremely difficult to completely clean away all remnants of the paint.

This can leave a shadow of the graffiti tag on the stone for many years to come or in some cases permanently.

While the Graffiti Eaters’ technicians can usually treat and clean graffiti tags from these surfaces, we recommend protecting these substrates through the use of a suitable sealer or anti-graffiti product.

There are many different types of products that can be used to seal and protect natural stone and cement, but it is very important to choose the correct product for the job.

Factors that need to be considered are things like, stone type, surface finish, location, local environment, access and cleaning processes, and type of potential stains likely to affect the substrate.

This can all seem very confusing, however our customer service team can take care of the process for you and provide advice on the most suitable product for your needs.

Speak with our team today to find out more or to arrange for a quote.