As the saying goes, prevention is the best form of defence and this is true when it comes to graffiti removal.

The use of an Anti-Graffiti coating to protect surfaces that are likely to be not only the target of graffiti, but also difficult to clean in the event of an attack, will make the graffiti removal process much quicker which save a lot of time and money in the long run.

This is particularly true of Long Life Anti-Graffiti coatings.

When applied correctly, these coatings form a hard base on the surface which then allow for the use of specialist cleaning solutions for the graffiti removal process.

These cleaning solutions can dissolve and break down the graffiti, allowing it to be cleaned away without affecting the protective coating.

As their name suggests, Long Life Anti-Graffiti coatings can last for years and allow for multiple cleaning applications to be performed due to the highly durable nature of these protective coatings.

In order to get the maximum life from these coatings, it is highly important to ensure the correct product is used on the surface being protected. Along with the correct preparation and application processes.

When done right, these can not only protect the surface from paint and graffiti tags, but also dirt, grime and pollution.

Overall, these coatings will make the protected surface much easier to clean, and help to keep it looking great for years to come.

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