Nobody wants to have their property to be the target of graffiti vandalism, but unfortunately graffiti attacks on private homes is becoming more and more common.

Other than using a quality anti-graffiti product, the best defence against graffiti vandalism is acting quickly and having it fully removed. By taking care of the graffiti soon after it has happened, you not only improve the chances of a good removal result, but also send a message to the graffiti vandals that their tags will not be left on display. This will greatly deter any repeat graffiti by the same offenders or other vandals.

When it comes to cleaning graffiti from bare surfaces like concrete and brick, it is best to have the removal done by experienced professionals. This will ensure that you get the best result possible, but also avoid causing any damage to the surface being cleaned or even making the graffiti worse, which is a common problem we see.

When a graffiti substance is sprayed onto masonry surfaces like brick, concrete, sandstone or granite, to name a few, it quickly penetrates through the pores of the surface and soaks deep into the substrate.

We find that many homeowners will attempt to clean graffiti from these surfaces using strong solvents or harsh scrubbing, which in most cases may remove some of the graffiti substance from the surface but has little effect on the deeper stain.

While substrates like concrete, brick and stone are very hard, these surfaces can be damaged easily through incorrect chemical use, harsh scrubbing, and high-pressure cleaning techniques.

In many cases, the use of these processes will scar and soften the substrate as well as open up the pores, further exposing the surface to the elements and moisture

This will often cause the substrate to disintegrate over time, which can lead to issues like salt deposits, rising damp, premature crumbling, and in the worst circumstances, structural failure. At which point, the only way to fix the wall is to knock it down and rebuild.

It’s important to understand that there isn’t one magic product which will remove all types of graffiti on any surface. Our team of technicians carry 26 different specialist cleaning solutions on their vehicles and have a great understanding of the different types of graffiti substances and the hard surfaces that require cleaning.

Through their knowledge and years of experience, our team will choose the correct cleaning formulation for the job that will break down the molecular structure of the graffiti substance and draw to the surface where it can be carefully removed.

Once the graffiti has been fully cleaned from the surface, the final process is to completely rinse the area to wash away all traces of the stain and neutralise the substrate.

So, in the event that your property has been tagged by graffiti vandals, give our customer service team a call and we’ll be on site to take care of the removal quickly and professionally.