Nobody likes unexpected expenses when it comes to property maintenance, but when things need attention or repairs, it is always best to engage a professional company to complete the work.

Like other trade base property maintenance jobs, graffiti removal is best left to trained professionals that not only have vast experience in performing the work, but also a wide range of specialist cleaning solutions and equipment that is needed to complete the task.

Many home and business owners take pride in the appearance of their property, and when something needs attention, it is often tempting to head down to the hardware store and purchasing the necessary supplies and attempt to fix it problem oneself.

However, some tasks are more difficult than they can first appear and require knowledge and training in order to complete the job correctly.

DIY graffiti remover products that can be purchased only contain a single graffiti cleaning solution that is designed for a specific type of graffiti substance and for use on a limited range of surface types.

When it comes to graffiti removal, there is no one single solution or treatment process that can be used for all jobs.

As graffiti vandalism occurs on a wide variety of surfaces, like bare bricks, render, timber, glass, Colorbond, stainless steel, concrete, stone, vehicle paint and more, the types of surfaces that can require cleaning is endless. Each of these finishes has different properties, strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered before applying any graffiti cleaning solution.

As a result, no one single solution can work effectively for removing graffiti from such a wide variety of surfaces and substrates. For example, a cleaning solution that works for removing graffiti spray paint from bare bricks, is not suitable for removing graffiti tags from signage or a painted wall.

In every graffiti removal job, specialist and expert knowledge is essential to ensure that the correct cleaning solution and treatment process is selected for the surface to be cleaned.

Often, when using off the shelf graffiti removal products, the best result you can achieve is no damage to the surface being cleaned, but some graffiti substance remaining on the area. Unfortunately, we commonly see graffiti removal attempts that have resulted in making the staining worse and has also caused damage to the surface that is being cleaned.

Yet another reason why standard graffiti remover products fail is that they don’t allow for the use of additional equipment required to correctly perform the graffiti removal job.

In most cases, successful graffiti removal requires more than simply applying a cleaning solution over the affected area and wiping it down. The offending graffiti substance needs to be carefully drawn out to the substrate, where it can be properly extracted. This usually requires careful use of a high-pressure cleaner to complete the cleaning. A vacuum recovery system is also often used to collect any wastewater to prevent it from entering drains or flowing into other areas of the property.

With extensive training and experience, our team of graffiti removal technicians can identify any graffiti substance and surface type, so they know which cleaning solutions and equipment to use and get the best result every time.

So, to ensure your graffiti problem is handled with care and expertise, contact our customer support centre to arrange for one of our team to take care of your property.