With ever increasing population numbers living and working in central city locations, many inner-city areas see high levels of pedestrians and public traffic on a daily basis. With so many people passing through these locations, they become an ideal target for bill poster advertisers, resulting in many building walls becoming heavily plastered with large posters and signs.

Advertising and bill posters on buildings can quickly make the area look untidy, and often give the impression that the premises is unoccupied. This often exposes them to an increased risk of graffiti and other vandalism.

For this reason, it is recommended that bill posters be removed as quicky a possible, to not only keep up the look and presentation of the building, but also deter others from applying more posters or graffiti.

The job of removing bill posters is not an easy one. The glue that is used to apply the posters is often very strong and can be made of a multitude of substances. As these posters are often applied over existing ones, this can quickly create a thick build-up of glue and paper on the wall.

Additionally, the material used for the posters themselves can range between a very thin paper to a thick, heavy vinyl. Then there is the wall surface and substrate that the posters are stuck too, which needs careful attention, so the surface isn’t damaged during the removal process.

All of these factors create quite a challenge when it comes to cleaning these messy and illegal signs.

So, the process of correctly removing advertising posters and cleaning the wall includes physically removing the paper and disposing of the hard waste that comes off the wall.

Once enough of the poster material has been removed, a suitable cleaning solution can be applied to the glue residue, if needed, to aid in breaking it down so that it can be rinsed from the surface.

Our team will often use super-heated water through pressure cleaning systems to complete the final wash down of the affected area, as this helps to fully rinse away all glue residue and leave the wall surface clean.

If you have a building or facility that is in need of graffiti or poster removal from walls or other areas, give our customer service team a call to arrange for a no obligation quote.