The use of texta’s or permanent markers by graffiti vandals is common as it allows for very opportunistic tagging of many surfaces, even in busy public areas.

The ink in these markers contains a strong dye that can soak into the substrate making it incredibly difficult to clean with regular products. Even surfaces like tiles and bench tops can be left with a permanent shadow from these markers.

Scrubbing at the surface will usually result in greater damage to the area, and often not clean away the stain left behind by the marker.

This is where the use of our specialist cleaning solutions come into their own. These have been developed to treat and extract stains from deep within many substrate types, and allow our technicians to effectively remove graffiti and other stains from a wide range of surfaces.

However, there is a lot more to achieving a good result than just using the right cleaning solution.

Things like dwell time, application process, agitation tools used and neutralisation treatments all play a vital role in effectively cleaning stains from any surface without causing further damage.

Our team members are all highly trained in identifying the correct process needed to treat and clean a very broad range of substrates and stains.

You can trust us to take care of graffiti removal on your property, so speak to our customer service team to arrange for a quote.