The exterior walls of commercial properties, like warehouses and factories, are often painted in the corporate colours of the company using the facility.

Like any large, single colour wall area, these make an ideal target for graffiti vandals which often see very large areas of the building covered in graffiti.

As with any graffiti attack, one of the best forms of prevention is to quickly deal with the graffiti and have it removed.

In the case of a large area of painted wall, re-painting the area is usually the most cost effective and quickest way to deal with this problem.

You don’t have to look far in your local area to spot walls where graffiti has been painted over, as most of these examples are where there has been no attempt to colour match the existing paint which leaves the wall looking like a patchwork quilt.

We often see cases where the paint has been applied over the graffiti by simply following the lines of the tags, which just ends up looking like more graffiti.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we train our Technicians to colour match paint on-site, or use colour matching processes where the correct paint tint can be ordered from the paint store.

This allows our team to re-paint sections of walls and seamlessly blend in the new paint to the existing finish. When working to architectural lines on the building, this usually results in the finished work looking just like the original paint.

In cases where very large areas of walls have been impacted, like you can see in this video, the best approach is to re-paint the entire wall. Our team of Technicians are all licensed to work at heights allowing them to complete such jobs using the right access equipment to safely reach high building areas.

Once set up, we can complete this type of work very efficiently and provide the building owners with a great result.

For help with graffiti removal regardless of job size, give our team a call to discuss.