Unfortunate paint spill accidents on roadways are one of those things that can happen anywhere. Often, those responsible for the mess are unaware of the incident and location that spill occurred.

The result of such paint spills is usually a highly visible splatter across a wide section of the road. Depending on the type of paint that has been spilt, the clean-up process can be problematic and also the paint splatter on the road surface has the potential to cause accidents, particularly if it is on a corner like the one shown here.

Additionally, the bitumen substrate that roads are made from is relatively soft, so if proper care is not taken when performing the paint spill clean-up job, the road surface could easily be damaged, causing the surface to break-up. This will usually cause potholes to form which leads to further road work repairs and costs.

Through the use of specialist cleaning solutions, application processes and controlled dwell times, our team of technicians can take care of paint removal from roadways with little impact on the surface. The cleaning solution and treatment process used will vary depending on the type of paint that has been spilt.

By treating the spill in this way, our team can extract and remove the vast majority of the paint from the road in the first application. The area can then be fully cleaned using controlled pressure cleaning that allows for the remaining paint to be rinsed from the road surface, collected into waste tanks and disposed of in an environmentally safe way.

With over 45 years’ experience in dealing with all kinds of graffiti, stains and paint clean up, our team of expert technicians can quickly and efficiently perform clean up jobs providing a great result while also taking great care to not damage the surface being cleaned.

Let our team take care of such large scale clean up jobs and provide you with complete peace of mind.