Paint spills can occur as a result of vandalism, accident, or carelessness. Dealing with paint spills should be handled quickly with careful attention to minimising any environmental damage.

When the professionals at Graffiti Eaters are called in to assist with a paint spill, our first priority is containing the spill and preventing it from spreading by covering the affected area with an absorbent material. After removing the material we then apply a series of cleaning solutions to the ink or paint to break it down and release it from the surface. The next step is to clean up the area using high pressure water. All water is then collected via vacuum, preventing any chemicals entering drains or potentially damaging the surrounding environment.

We are able to clean in any location, whether a building, a footpath or even on trees and other natural structures. We also obtain all required permits and will carry out the work with minimal inconvenience to you and the general public, and provide documentation with regard to the management of all OH&S risks.

Our service to you includes the identification of stains and the best consultation on how to remove them. Our fast response time service will ensure your home or business is returned to great condition as soon as possible.

All our technicians are licenced and experienced, and will always have all the required equipment on hand, for all jobs, due to our custom built Surface Restoration Vehicles.

If you have sustained any paint damage to your property from spills or vandalism please do not hesitate to contact us as we will have just the right solution for your needs. We have a safe and environmentally aware process that can help clean up any mess.