Just like graffiti, paint splatters and spills can be a result of a deliberate act, as well as an unfortunate accident.

These usually result in a thick layer of paint being left over the surface which can become a difficult area to clean.

If dealing with a paint spill at the time it happens, care needs to be taken to quickly contain the paint in order to minimise any environmental damage.

However, most paints have a fast dry time, and as a result special cleaning of the area will be required to fully remove all the paint stain.

The type of cleaning process required will depend on the type of paint spilt, and the type of surface the paint has effected.

Our trained technicians can identify these varying combinations and select the best process to minimise any potential damage to the surface being cleaned.

Each of our surface restoration vehicles have all the required cleaning solutions and equipment on board to cater for all types of jobs.

In the event that your property is effected by a paint spill, call our customer service team to discuss your clean up options.