A very common sight at paint and hardware stores are paint spills on entrance pathways and carpark areas.

With lots of customer traffic at such locations, it’s inevitable that accidental paint spills will occur due to dropped paint cans and containers.

We regularly attend paint stores ourselves, and often see multiple paint splatter marks on ground areas that have been left and never removed.

Our technicians have a range of paint removal cleaning solutions that can treat either old or new paint spills and extract the stain from the substrate allowing it to be properly cleaned.

In most cases, these paint stains can be completely removed leaving the surface clean and fresh.

If there is a shadow left on the surface from the stain, we also have a specialist ghosting solution that will further fade away the paint stain over time to help fully clear the area.

Don’t let messy paint spills ruin your business image. Call our team and discuss your options or arrange for a quote.