Paint spills on our public roads is often the result of an un-fortunate accident. These can easily occur as the result of things like a paint can falling off the back of a tradies ute, or road work vehicles equipment having a malfunction causing line marking paint to flood the road.

Whatever the cause, the result is a highly visible mess on the road that can not only be problematic to clean, but has the potential to cause accidents if the surface becomes slippery in the rain.

As bitumen roads are relatively soft in comparison to concrete, they can easily be damaged by harsh chemicals and strong pressure cleaning.

So if proper care is not taken when performing paint spill clean up on tarmac, the road surface can easily break up which will soon cause pot holes to form which means further road work repairs and cost to the council.

As graffiti removal experts, we have an extensive range of cleaning solutions that can be used to treat and remove paint from hard surfaces, and with over 40 years experience in dealing with the treatment of paint clean up on a broad range of surfaces, our team of experts can efficiently perform these clean up jobs providing a great result while also taking great care to not damage the surface being cleaned.

Another highly important aspect of performing treatment and clean up jobs on roads, is the control of all waste water and cleaning solutions used. As waste water will quickly run to the edge of the road and make its way along the kerb, if not controlled fully it will end up in storm water drains in a matter of seconds.

As you can see in the image here, our team takes great care to ensure all waste run off is completely controlled. In this example, the water is blocked by a series of sand bags, where it is being vacuum extracted and pumped directly in to waste water tanks that are attached to our surface restoration vehicles.

This waste water is then taken away from the site and disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations.

Let our team take care of such large scale clean up jobs and provide you with complete peace of mind.