Over the years we have been called into many public conveniences to perform graffiti removal work.

These areas include both outside locations like public toilets located in local parks, to internal spaces like rest rooms at service stations.

The type of clean up jobs have ranged from small, texta tags on walls and tiles, to large paint spill attacks like the one seen in these photos.

Due to the large variety of surface types used in these indoor areas, along with the different forms of graffiti and paint used by vandals, cleaning these areas requires expert knowledge of each in order to perform the clean up job effectively and without any damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

It is also vital to properly manage any chemicals and water being used to ensure waste run-off doesn’t flow into drains or public spaces that may end up causing another problem all together.

All our technicians have many years experience performing these graffiti removal jobs for many clients around Australia, and can take away the stress and pain that property managers have when such attacks occur.

If you face such an issue at a property you manage, just relax and call the Graffiti Eaters team, and we’ll be onsite in no time and have the problem sorted.