Recently, our team was given a very challenging graffiti cleaning project that was undertaken at a Church in Collingwood, Victoria.

The task involved removing paint that had been dispersed through a super soaker water gun and sprayed onto a three-dimensional painted sign located high up on the building above some windows.

The sign is made up of raised letters that are coated with a beautiful gold paint. However, due to the method of vandalism and paint dispersal, the spray paint had spread unevenly over a large area and had dripped onto unwanted areas, causing discolouration and damage to the sign and other nearby areas.

As a result, a specialist cleaning process was required in order to remove the spray paint and restore the building walls and signage without causing any damage.

To begin the cleaning process, our technicians used specialised cleaning solutions to remove the bulk of the unwanted paint from the majority of the building. This was followed by careful hand detailing work using a delicate cleaning solution to ensure that the product was applied to only the affected areas in the correct strength and without damaging the original gold paint.

Our team also used specially designed cleaning tools to gently remove any stubborn paint residue and clean away the substance from all the edging around the raised letters of the signage.

The cleaning process took a number of hours to complete, but the final result was a great success with all the graffiti paint removed. The sign and building walls now look as good as new, with the gold paint shining bright and the letters standing out in all their glory.

This client was delighted with the outcome and our team was able to be proud of their hard work and dedication to achieve a terrific result.

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