In addition to performing graffiti removal from a wide range of surfaces, some of the jobs we attend require the removal of thick built-up paint.

Some examples of this are things like heavy graffiti murals where multiple layers of graffiti paint have been applied to a wall surface, or where graffiti on the same wall section has been painted over numerous times.

When there is a heavy build-up of paint on a wall surface, it can present a difficult challenge to not only achieve a good result and not cause damage to the wall surface, but also perform the removal job without making a big mess in the process.

This last point can be very important, particularly if the location is somewhere like an inner-city street that has lots of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

To allow our technicians to perform this type of removal work, we have custom designed and built our surface restoration vehicles with systems and equipment so they can complete jobs quickly and with minimal waste that can cause a mess.

In the example here, we removed heavy paint build-up from a red brick wall using one of our specialist cleaning solutions to soften the paint, followed by pressure cleaning with a handheld spin-jet attachment that was connected to a vacuum recovery system.

This process meant that the majority of the waste was pumped directly into collection tanks where it was taken away and disposed of at a waste facility in accordance with EPA regulations.

The end result is a wall that has been restored back to its original condition through a process that saw very little inconvenience caused at the site during the work.