Regardless if it’s the result of a random act of vandalism or a deliberate and targeted attack, paint bombing or splattering usually sees very heavy paint stains across a large area and on multiple surfaces of the property.

This form of senseless vandalism can cause a great amount of damage to not only the targeted area, but also to surrounding property and often sees paint run-off into drains and roadways.

As a result, the clean up process requires many levels of professional attention to ensure that all aspects of the treatment and clean up job are carefully planned and the correct course of action is implemented.

Anytime there is a wide range of surfaces affected by graffiti or paint spills, it becomes critical to treat each surface type individually with the correct cleaning solution and treatment process for that area.

There will usually be quite a lot of waste material generated in this process due to the large amount of paint that has been splattered over the property. This will also need careful attention to ensure it doesn’t cause any additional damage to surrounding surfaces or potentially run-off into drains that could impact the environment.

Timing of this clean up process is very important and the quicker it can be dealt with the better as this usually means the removal job is easier to complete.

By using our team of professional and highly trained technicians, we can take care of such problematic situations and get your valuable property clean and looking great.

All our technicians are fully accredited and have many years experience in the planning and execution of such large scale clean ups, so when you call in The Graffiti Eaters, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands and you’ll get the best result possible.