Deliberate paint splatter attacks, or paint bombing, can not only cause a big mess on property walls and surrounding paths, it can also pose a potential security risk which may lead to other vandalism attacks.

In this example, the vandals initially targeted the security cameras on this commercial property before targeting more of the building and surrounding areas.

In order to ensure further attacks didn’t occur, we were called in the following morning to clean the security cameras so they were able to be put back into use.

After this was completed, we set about cleaning up the whole area that was badly covered in paint as a result of the heavy paint bombing attack.

Using our range of specialist cleaning solutions, our technicians were able to treat the different areas effected to not only clean up the mess, but avoid any potential environmental contamination during the clean up process.

If your property is the target of such an unfortunate attack, don’t delay and call our support team and we’ll have a technician on site in no time.