Kids get the opportunity to do a lot of fun stuff at school as part of their learning. However, sometimes they can get a bit over zealous in their activity, and end up causing a more of an accidental mess.

Things like spray painting a project or model that they’ve spent many hours designing and crafting.

Overspray can easily end up on cement paths, painted walls, and metal seating areas. All of which can result in a difficult mess to clean up.

With over 40 years experience in graffiti and paint clean up, we have developed a range of specialist cleaning solutions that our technicians use to treat paint and stains on very specific surfaces.

These solutions allow for paint to effectively be cleaned with little or no damage to the original surface.

Even paint that has soaked deep into porous stone and cement can be treated and extracted from the substrate.

If you’re school or university has areas that look more like a panel beater’s workshop than a school yard, give our customer support team a call and we’ll help you get it looking spotless again.