We were impressed to read the story of Luke* who recently in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy performed a citizens arrest on a prolific graffiti vandal on the run from convictions in the USA. Jim Clay Harper (“Ether”), the graffiti vandal, was in the process of tagging innocent property owners’ premises in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy in the middle of the afternoon, in full view of the general public, when one a passer-by asked him to stop. You can read about the scuffle that ensued in the story written up in The Age:


The Graffiti Eaters has unfortunately been called upon to remove countless tagging offences by “Ether”, and therefore we congratulate Luke* on the community service he provided by stepping in and stopping the vandal. However, it’s a dangerous option, and so we recommend instead that you film the actions of the vandals on your smart phone, from a safe distance, call the police immediately, and if it is safe to do so, wait for the police to arrive.

At the time of writing, “Ether’s” Australian accomplice, “Nokier”, was still at large. Anyone who has footage or photos of Nokier or his graffiti should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or crimestoppersvic.com.au. In addition, if you have photos of tags on your property by Ether, we suggest that you advise police and seek restitution for costs incurred in removal.

Ether is now behind bars, on remand until May 31.