Designated areas like walkways and safety zones are commonly marked out with special line marking paint that is both highly visible and anti-slip when new and in good condition.

However, over time the line marking paint will often wear down, lose its grippy surface, and also start to crack and peel off the floor surface.

Ensuring that line marking areas remains clear and visible, it is important to keep the lines in good condition so they can continue to do the job they were put there for in the first place.

Having line marking areas re-painted using the correct type of paint is great to keep these areas clearly marked and visible, however many people make the mistake of simply painting over the top of existing lines that are already breaking down and the paint is starting to come away from the surface.

This usually leads to the new paint beginning to flake off quite quickly, which then means the lines will again need re-painting, causing extra cost and inconvenience. Additionally, if the new paint is not the same type as the previous line marking paint, it can cause the new paint to not bond with the surface and quickly peel off.

By having the old line marking paint removed and the surface correctly prepared for re-painting, you can help ensure that the new line marking paint can properly adhere to the surface, which will provide maximum life of the new paint.

The most common reason that people choose to not have the old line marking paint removed is because people mistakenly believe that the only way to remove the old paint is by using grinding units.

This is not the case.

At The Stain Eaters, our team of technicians can completely remove old line marking paint through the use of our specialist cleaning solution that will soften and break down this tough paint, where it can be rinsed off the surface with pressure cleaning units, leaving no impact on the substrate and no trace of the old lines.

The end result is a floor surface that is completely free from any contaminates and old paint and is ready for re-painting with new lines.

So, if you have line marking areas at your property that are looking very run down and in need of re-painting, give our customer service team a call to arrange for a quote on having the area cleaned and re-painted.