If you wait for things to go wrong, they will go wrong. If you act beforehand, issues or more costly structural can often be avoided. This is the premise of preventative maintenance.

If your store reaches a state of untidiness, this will result in lost customers. 95% of shoppers consider exterior appearance to be of importance when choosing a retail store, with over 50% avoiding a business because the outside appeared to be dirty*.

Schedule a technician with industrial stain removal experience to remove stains which gradually accumulate at the entrance to your store, such as chewing gum, oil stains, as well as dirt and grime on outside pavement, walls, retail canopies and signage. Maintenance agreements allow you to negotiate a fixed monthly rate that includes the scheduling of key tasks and also any urgent ad-hoc tasks that may be necessary.

Not acting when necessary

Some maintenance tasks cannot be scheduled ahead of time, as the damage can occur unexpectedly, such as graffiti, or a large spillage of paint or oil.

When graffiti is not removed, it drags down the appearance of your store, demonstrates that the area is frequented by criminals, and sends a message to customers that you are not on top of your game. It also sends an invitation to graffiti vandals to return and add more graffiti, as their tags won’t be removed.

An ongoing maintenance agreement allows you to pass this risk on to somebody else and avoid unexpected maintenance costs.

Interrupting customers

While urgency is important, this must not ruin the customer experience or discourage passers-by from entering your store. Experienced technicians understand this and will liaise with management to conduct work outside of peak trading periods and even before/after opening hours when necessary. Where it is critical that work is carried out during business hours, an experienced technician will do so in such a way as to enable customer flow and safety.

Putting cost before safety

It’s not worth risking the safety of your customers and employees – you risk losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a legal actions to save a couple of hundred, which simply doesn’t add up. If the technicians you hire don’t have public liability insurance and cause injury to a person on your premises, both the service provider and property owner are held accountable. Always ask to see proof of an up-to-date $20 million public liability policy.

For further peace of mind, ensure your service provider can demonstrate the following:

Provide you with a site risk assessment before commencing each job
Arrive at each job equipped with MSDS registers, chemical spill kits and fire extinguishers
Technicians are trained and provide equipment to safely manage traffic and pedestrians
Audited by a third party to the following standards:
OH&S Management AS/NZS 4801
Quality Management ISO 9001
Environmental Management ISO 14001
Risk Management ISO 31000

To find out how your retail property can be professionally maintained, speak to The Graffiti Eaters. Australia’s largest retailers such as Woolworths, 7/11, Kmart and KFC trust us to provide ongoing maintenance for their assets. These retailers have chosen us because:

We have over 40 years of graffiti and stain removal experience
We provide management for all sites across Australia through one phone number
For the protection of your employees and customers, we have a $20 million public liability insurance policy
We are independently audited to OH&S, Risk, Environmental and Quality Management standards

*Source: Retail Customer Experience