After a recent attack on a property in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, The Graffiti Eaters were called in to clean up as the nature of the graffiti stains was extremely complex. Vandals had attacked the house with oil-based paint and other chemicals, affecting large sections at the front of the property with a wide variety of surfaces including stone, concrete, plastic, and wood.

The expert knowledge and analytical approach implemented by our team, combined with over 45 years of experience in the industry, allowed them to identify the range of problems and use tailored solutions to get the job done efficiently. Our technicians employed a variety of specialised techniques and cleaning solutions, each chosen specifically for its effectiveness on the affected surface without causing additional damage or wear.

Multi-Surface Expertise

One of the significant challenges in this project was dealing with multiple surface types, each with unique characteristics and vulnerabilities. Oil-based paint is particularly challenging to remove due to its adhesive qualities and resistance to water-based solutions. Here’s how we addressed each material:

Stone and Concrete: These porous materials had absorbed the oil-based paint, making the removal process intricate. We used environmentally safe, yet potent, cleaning solutions that penetrated deeply to lift the paint from within. Following the application of these products, high-pressure washing helped to thoroughly rinse the surfaces, ensuring no residue was left behind.

Plastic and Wood: These surfaces required a gentler approach due to their susceptibility to damage. For plastic, we used a mild cleaning solution to soften the paint without harming the underlying material. For the wood, a careful combination of cleaning solution application followed by gentle agitation and rinsing was employed to preserve the integrity of the wood grain while effectively removing the graffiti.

Customised Cleaning Protocols

Each area of the property received a customised treatment and cleaning process, developed through rigorous analysis and an understanding of the chemical composition of the graffiti. This bespoke approach not only guaranteed the effective removal of the vandalism but also ensured that the cleaning processes maintained the structural and aesthetic integrity of each surface.

Preventive Measures

Beyond merely addressing the immediate graffiti issue, our team also provided the homeowners with recommendations for protective coatings and regular maintenance plans to prevent future attacks from having such a damaging impact. These preventive measures are designed to make any potential cleanup quicker and less costly, while also discouraging vandals from targeting the property again.

Restoring Peace of Mind

The completion of this project not only restored the property to its former glory but also restored peace of mind to the homeowners. The quick and effective response by The Graffiti Eaters helped mitigate what could have been a prolonged distressing situation. By returning the property to its pristine condition, we helped ensure that the aesthetic and market value of the home was maintained.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we understand that graffiti vandalism is more than just an unsightly nuisance—it can be a personal and financial burden. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that not only clean but protect your property, ensuring it remains in top condition regardless of the challenges it faces. Trust us to handle any graffiti problem with precision, expertise, and care.