Many people understand that one of the best ways to protect property against graffiti vandalism is through the application of a quality anti-graffiti coating. Doing this will not only ensure that graffiti can be easily cleaned, but also help to keep the surface free from dirt and grime build up.

There are many types of sealers and anti-graffiti coatings on the market designed for use on different substrates and surface finishes. So, when considering a coating to protect your property, it is very important that the correct anti-graffiti coating is used.

If the wrong coating or sealer is applied, it can cause the product to not fully adhere to the surface or substrate and not only result in the coating to peel, but also not protect the surface from graffiti tags.

One of the products we use and recommend at The Graffiti Eaters is Nanokote.

Nanokote produces a unique range of anti-graffiti coatings and sealers that use the latest developments in nano-technology.

The Nanokote range offers a diverse selection of nano material-based coatings that have been designed for use in a wide range of applications from commercial, residential and construction.

Nano-technology uses molecular and atomic particles that are 1000 times smaller than the human eye can see. As a result, the nano molecules provide superior, performance enhancing attributes such as stronger, smoother, longer lasting and more flexible coatings.

By protecting surfaces at this micro level, Nanokote is highly effective at sealing a porous substrate to prevent staining from liquids and paints.

These coatings are highly durable and remain unaffected by UV and will not yellow, flake or break down over time.

Nanokote is incredibly resistant to graffiti paint and inks, allowing for quick and easy graffiti removal and will not leave behind any ghosting or shadowing.

For more information about the range of Nanokote anti-graffiti coatings or to arrange for a quote, give our customer service team a call.