Roller doors, a common target for graffiti, can be effectively cleaned and restored by our team at The Graffiti Eaters, especially if the door is in robust condition. These doors come in various materials like Colorbond, galvanised steel, zincalume, or aluminium (especially in vehicles), all of which we can meticulously clean.

Each material demands a specific cleaning approach to avoid damaging the finish. Moreover, certain cleaning products may induce corrosion on bare metal finishes, necessitating the use of a neutralising agent to conclude the cleaning process safely.

For Colorbond surfaces in good condition, graffiti can be removed with minimal impact on the door’s colour and lustre. Our cleaning solutions can even rejuvenate the original vibrancy of lightly oxidised Colorbond.

However, older Colorbond that has been exposed to prolonged weathering and UV rays can lose its resilience, making it susceptible to damage from even mild cleaners. In such cases, after graffiti removal, we recommend surface preparation followed by repainting with an appropriate product.

At The Graffiti Eaters, our skilled technicians specialise in handling roller doors impacted by graffiti, tailoring solutions to best suit your needs and deliver optimal results.

Additionally, we offer the option of applying anti-graffiti coatings to tilt panels and roller doors. These coatings facilitate easier cleaning and protect the door’s finish. Since roller doors experience movement and flexing, choosing the right coating is crucial to prevent cracking and failure of the anti-graffiti layer.

For more information about our graffiti removal services or protective coatings, please contact our customer service team. Visit our website for further details and assistance.