As specialists in removing Graffiti from a wide range of surfaces and substrates, our team of Technicians at The Graffiti Eaters have made a name for themselves by providing excellent results when it comes to removing graffiti vandalism from properties.

In addition to this work, we are often called in to remove stains and markings from many other areas around properties like paint spills and line marking.

Commercial property managers and business owners have the responsibility of providing safety for all people on their premises, so clearly and correctly marked safety lines that are well maintained are a vital part of this process.

For example, properties that provide car parking are required to ensure that pedestrians can enter the carpark, park their vehicle, and make their way to and from their vehicle in a safe manner.

Through clear and well-placed line markings you can provide your customers and staff with the necessary direction for this to happen.

Over time, line marking paint will fade and be worn away, where it is no longer clearly visible and can not effectively fulfill its purpose of safely guiding traffic.

Our team can help keep visitors to your property safe by cleaning away old and worn out line marking, then applying new safety lines using high quality coatings that are best suited to the surfaces being painted.

When renewing line markings, a key consideration is careful preparation of the surface before the new lines are painted.

The first step we perform is to remove any pre-existing line and paint that is often flaking and peeling. This is a very important preparation process, that will ensure the new paint fully bonds to the substrate being coated which will give a long lasting result.

Once these old and worn line markings have been removed, any other surface contaminants that may reduce the paints adhesion such as chewing gum, oil, dirt and moss must also be properly treated and extracted from the surface.

Only then can the job of applying the new line marking begin.

Surfaces to be painted with line markings require a special paint that is able to withstand harsh elements and heavy traffic and depending on the surface to be pained, the choice of paint used can vary.

We only use and recommend the best products for this work, and our team can complete the entire job from surface preparation to the final coat.

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