Line markings can be exposed to some very tough conditions with traffic from trucks, forklifts, pallet trollies as well as chemical spills.

When applying new line marking paint to an area, the best way to increase the service life of your line markings is to make sure you prepare the surface underneath correctly.

Unfortunately, many line marking companies will simply apply the new paint directly over the old paint without taking the time to remove old line marking and prepare the surface correctly.

By removing any old flaky line marking paint and cleaning the surface to ensure it is free from any contaminants like chewing gum, oil, moss and dirt, you greatly increase the life of the new line marking paint.

Our technicians can remove any old paint and clean the surface to ensure it is ready for the new line marking.

Care also needs to be taken on surfaces like bitumen to ensure that no damage is caused to the road surface, as seen in the photo where the surface had eroded away due to cracks in the paint allowing moisture to penetrate the surface causing erosion.

We are also able to perform this cleaning work in areas where waste water needs to be managed to prevent damage to other areas.

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