Over the years The Graffiti Eaters have made a name for ourselves by providing outstanding service when it comes to removing unwanted graffiti.

However, our paint removal services don’t stop there. Sometimes we are called to remove professionally painted line markings and even remark the lines.

That’s right! We don’t just remove paint, sometimes we get to paint too! (Always with permission, of course!).

Recently our franchisee Phil Hudson from Graffiti Eaters Sydenham was called out to remove decades-old line markings from the loading dock of Woolworths – one of our longstanding commercial clients.

Over time the paint had faded and was no longer effectively fulfilling its purpose of safely guiding truck drivers to park their semi-trailers into loading docks.

We removed the original line marking by chemically breaking down the worn paint. We then cleaned and prepared the surface to be remarked.

Finally, we carefully painted new line markings to replace the old ones, using long lasting, commercial grade highly visible paint designed to weather the wear of a loading dock.

While Phil’s work won’t be winning any art prizes any time soon, the end result was much clearer line marking assisting drivers reversing their trucks into the loading dock.

Most of all, the OH&S safety inspector was happy!

If you have worn line work that may be an OH&S issue, call us today to discuss how we can clean off your old lines and remark your commercial line work.