Graffiti vandals are known for their opportunistic tagging habits. When they come across a large, blank wall, they waste no time in leaving their mark to claim the spot as their own.

Notably, the size of graffiti tags tends to correspond with the expanse of the available wall space, as seen in the example here.

When it comes to removing graffiti from concrete surfaces, the right combination of cleaning solutions, application techniques, and pressure cleaning is crucial to achieve optimal results consistently.

In instances where extensive graffiti covers a tall and broad wall area, specialised access equipment often becomes necessary to efficiently clean the entire affected surface.

Some locations present additional challenges as there might be no access to power or water. However, at The Graffiti Eaters, all our surface restoration vehicles are custom-built with onboard water tanks and generators, enabling our skilled technicians to carry out graffiti and stain removal swiftly and effectively, regardless of the site’s location.

Our team of graffiti removal technicians are not only trained and licensed to work at heights using access equipment but also adept at handling large-scale graffiti situations, ensuring a complete restoration of the area to its original state.

We also offer anti-graffiti protective coatings, providing an added layer of defense for vulnerable surfaces. Our team can expertly apply these products to your property, safeguarding it from future graffiti incidents.

For the ultimate graffiti removal job every time, contact our customer service centre and one of our skilled technicians from The Graffiti Eaters will be on-site to take care of your graffiti problem promptly and efficiently.