Accidental paint spills are a fact of life, and most of us have been the cause of such incidents at some point.

However, there are also times when paint spills are deliberately done, either as a targeted attack, or just a random act of vandalism.

Regardless of the cause, it’s important that the correct course of action is quickly taken to contain the spill if needed and arrange for the spilt substance to be professionally cleaned and the affected surface restored.

As experts in the treatment and cleaning of graffiti, our services also extend to paint spills where we can apply a similar treatment process to these clean up jobs as we would to graffiti removal.

More often than not, paint spills and splatters happen on level ground or floor areas, rather than walls, which sees the spilt paint pool in areas creating a very thick layer. Depending on the type of paint that has been spilt, this can create a tough clean up job that requires the use of special cleaning solutions to break down the paint build up and extract it from the affected surface.

In the case of water-based paint, most of the spill can be effectively cleaned through the use of hot-water pressure cleaning, and stubborn areas treated with one of our cleaning solutions to complete the removal process.

However, if the paint is solvent or oil based, pressure cleaning alone will often not provide a very good result and the use of stronger cleaning solutions will be required. The clean-up of such paint will require the use of a treatment process that is suitable for the paint substance in order to break it down, allowing for it to be effectively cleaned, while at the same time not causing any damage to the surface that is being treated.

This is where the years of experience for our technicians really comes into play and allows them to provide a great result every time.

Regardless of the type of paint that is the cause of the spill, one thing that is common to all spill clean-up jobs is the containment of the wastewater and paint during the cleaning process. As all our surface restoration vehicles are fitted with vacuum recovery units and waste tanks, our technicians can direct all waste away from the area and collect it in tanks and remove it from the site.

The waste can then be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations to ensure no harm to the environment or the area nearby.

So, if you have a paint spill that needs to be cleaned up, or graffiti you’d like removed, give our customer service team a call and we’ll be onsite to take care of it for you.

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