Graffiti vandals are often very opportunistic in their tagging habits, and when a large, bare wall surface is found, it is usually tagged without much delay so they can be the first to hit that location.

We also find it common that the larger the bare wall area, the bigger the graffiti tags become. Handheld spray cans are one of the most used tools by graffiti vandals. However, these only allow for relatively small tags in areas reachable by the perpetrators.

In order to quickly tag large or high wall areas, vandals will often use high volume water cannons or fire extinguishers that have been loaded with a graffiti paint or substance. This allows them to spray their tags across large areas in seconds, leaving a giant version of their graffiti tag.

When removing graffiti from bare concrete surfaces, it is vital to use the correct combination of cleaning solutions, application process and pressure cleaning to achieve the best result every time.

So, when a large and high wall area has been hit by graffiti, like the example here, it is necessary to use suitable access equipment so that the graffiti cleaning work can be carried out directly across the entire affected area.

Another challenge when performing this work in locations like the example here, is that there is no power or water available at the site.

This is not a problem for our team at The Graffiti Eaters, as all of our surface restoration vehicles are custom built with onboard water tanks and generators. This allows our technicians to attend any site and perform the graffiti removal work quickly, efficiently, and achieve the best result every time.

As all of our graffiti removal technicians are trained and licensed to operate at heights using access equipment, we can also take care of this type of large-scale graffiti to ensure the entire area is restored back to its original condition.

We also provide anti-graffiti protective coatings, and our team can apply a suitable product to your property to help protect vulnerable surfaces.

So, for the best graffiti removal job every time, be sure to call our customer service centre and arrange for one of our technicians to take care of your graffiti problem.