Graffiti vandalism is a persistent issue, affecting properties and requiring costly clean-ups. Vandals use various tools, from spray cans to markers, making their tags without warning, and the expense of eradication can soar into the thousands.

Property protection often comes with a compromise. For instance, a tall fence may be unsightly but ensures security, while a fly screen door might sacrifice aesthetics for comfort during bug-ridden summers.

For a long time, anti-graffiti coatings received a similar reputation.

Property owners, particularly of new brick and render buildings, hesitated due to the glossy, reflective finish of the coatings. Modern architects relied on surveillance systems to deter graffiti culprits. And owners of historical inner-city properties felt trapped; they couldn’t risk tarnishing their heritage site with a shiny coating, yet leaving it unguarded exposed it to potential damage.

Today’s anti-graffiti coatings offer efficient protection against graffiti without the aesthetic downsides. Most of these coatings make graffiti removal as effortless as wiping dirt off a window, reinstating a sense of safety.

The benefits of anti-graffiti coatings include:

  • Maintaining your property’s appearance.
  • Significantly cutting down graffiti removal costs.
  • Speeding up the graffiti eradication process.
  • Providing peace of mind with fortified property protection.

Our team has innovatively crafted invisible anti-graffiti coatings suitable for all masonry surfaces, including vintage sandstone and brick. The best part? They’re undetectable.

Retailers in areas vulnerable to graffiti have reduced their cleaning expenses by up to 50% using these coatings. Contrary to popular belief, hard masonry surfaces are highly absorbent, much like sponges. Thus, graffiti penetrates deep, rendering abrasive methods like sanding ineffective and damaging.

The genius behind these coatings lies in adjusting the surface tension, forming a barrier that stops masonry surfaces from soaking up graffiti paint. This results in surface-level graffiti, easily washed off with high-pressure warm water.

Based on your graffiti risk level, there are two coating options:

Long Life Anti Graffiti Coatings:

  • Composed of a two-pack polyethylene base
  • Offers up to 10 years of protection, given proper maintenance
  • Enables graffiti removal countless times, with the simplicity of wiping a window

Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coatings:

  • Removed with heated high-pressure water alongside the graffiti
  • Requires re-application post-removal
  • Ideal for surfaces infrequently targeted by graffiti, especially suitable for sandstone, wood, and heritage structures. Not recommended for surfaces susceptible to damage from high-pressure water.

Choosing an anti-graffiti solution involves several considerations. With over 45 years of expertise, The Graffiti Eaters are equipped to tailor a solution to your needs.

Contact us today to combat vandalism effectively in your vicinity.