Bare cement surfaces are becoming an increasingly popular style in modern architecture, particularly in commercial buildings.

The clean look of these walls is great, but they do present the graffiti vandal with a tempting target.

This presents a problem as the bare wall surfaces are very porous and will soak up graffiti paint and stains like a sponge, which can make them very difficult to clean.

The use of a specialist invisible anti-graffiti coating or sealer can help to protect these surfaces from not only a deliberate graffiti attack, but also from moisture damage and other natural stains.

We have a range of invisible coatings available to suit different bare surface types and for protecting against a range of stains.

It is very important to know which coating or sealer to use on different surfaces. And, to ensure that the product does its job and lasts, the correct preparation and application process it vital.

Our technicians can provide the full service from start to finish, and follow up with surface cleaning in the event of an attack.

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