This month we interview Greaham Saville, our first Graffiti Eaters franchise partner. Greaham services Cranbourne and the surrounding southern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula areas.

His first year has been highly productive, forging partnerships with local organisations and expanding our presence in the community.

What’s an average day in the life of a Graffiti Eaters franchisee?

My day is usually as flexible as I want it to be, I get to have breakfast with my family in the mornings and usually get home (to do the paperwork) while the kids do their homework. In-between I go to multiple sites solving cleaning and coating problems for clients.

What motivated you to become part of the Graffiti Eaters?

I wanted a job that would give me back my time with my family.

How did you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to perform this role?

The Graffitiology training provided by Head Office went for 4 weeks, and the ongoing technical support from the team helps with anything a bit left field. This is a role though that is dynamic…you are always learning.

What type of clients do you work for?

95% of my clients are corporate rather than private. I do a lot of work for the local council, university and schools.

What are the most common problems that your clients face?

In my area the bulk of the work is graffiti removal. However I have also performed roof cleaning, deck rejuvenation and coating application.

What are some of the most satisfying jobs you have completed?

One of my most satisfying jobs was for a client who needed a coating solution on expensive bluestone tiles. The coating was in a high traffic area with staining issues like graffiti and urine.

I quoted the work and then missed out on the job because they went with a lower priced option. The office advised me to hold firm on my price as we had allowed for the correct preparation process and the use of high quality coating products which was required in this environment.

Sure enough, 6 months later I get a call back from the client to say they weren’t happy with the option they had selected and would I come in and do the job properly. We did the job and they are delighted with the performance of the coating solution put forward. Very satisfying!

What advice would you give to property managers to prevent or reduce future incidents of graffiti or damage from property staining?

Screening plants along fences and address staining issues quickly and with expertise – please don’t just get someone to have a crack at it, that’s how jobs get bigger than Ben Hur!

You were chosen to become the official graffiti removal partner of the City of Casey. What was the process you went through to obtain this position?

Head Office was involved in tendering for the contract. This required many meetings and discussions around designing a service that met the client’s KPI targets. I was involved in many of these meetings. I was very clear in these meetings that the reason Graffiti Eaters was selected was due to our level of certification and the technology of our vehicles to respond fast to any graffiti emergency that the council would face.

How is your work impacting the community?

It is very obvious now driving around my territory of Cranbourne that it looks great and has little visible graffiti on council and private assets. This in turn creates a safe environment for the community to operate and maintains property values at high levels. Win-Win for everyone!

Greaham provides graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coatings, high pressure cleaning and a range of surface restoration services throughout Cranbourne and the surrounding areas. Read more about Greaham’s services or Request a Quote today!