The emergence of ink and texta pens as use for graffiti has grown in a big way in recent years. This is due largely to high number of online websites that are selling these products, making it easy for graffiti vandals to obtain.

These marker pens are also very easy to carry around and use virtually un-detected, even in busy areas where many other people are around. As a result, ink and texta pen graffiti tags are usually the result of an opportunistic moment where a graffiti vandal has tagged a property.

These markers usually contain a very strong dye which will quickly soak deep into the surface of a substrate making it incredibly difficult to remove the tag.

In most cases, individual ink and texta pen graffiti tags are quite small, however they often grow in numbers quickly and result in an area being completely covered in such tags.

Regular cleaning solutions or harsh scrubbing at the tags will usually not have much of an impact on removing the tag left behind by the marker pen.

In order to breakdown and clean away the strong dye, it is necessary to use a specialist cleaning solution that is designed for use on the dye substance, while at the same time not causing any damage to the surface being cleaned.

This is where our Graffiti Eaters cleaning solutions come into their own!

We have developed our cleaning solutions very specifically in order to treat and extract graffiti paints and dyes from deep within many hard substrate types, allowing our technicians to quickly and effectively remove graffiti and other stains from a wide range of surfaces.

However, there is a lot more to graffiti removal than just using the right product. For example, knowing the correct application process, dwell time, agitation tools used and neutralisation treatments all play a vital role in effectively cleaning graffiti and dye tags from any substrate without causing damage to the surface.

Our trained technicians carry our complete range of graffiti cleaning solutions in their surface restoration vehicles, allowing them to attend any site and clean graffiti tags quickly the first time and with no delay or risk of damage.

So if you require graffiti removal, give our team a call for more information, or to arrange for a quote.