The use of super high strength glue is a common way trades people fix things like signage to external wall surfaces.

This not only allows for a quick way to install such items, but also results in a very strong and permanent bond to the brick or cement surface without the need to drill holes in the wall.

One major drawback to this method is when it comes to removing the material that has been glued to the surface.

While the signage or material that has been fixed in place with the glue can be broken off and stripped away using tools, the glue left behind on the wall doesn’t come off as easily.

If fact, this can be as hard as cement, and attempts to try and chip it away results in damage to the bricks or cement wall surface.

Do not despair, as help is at hand!

We have a range of specialist cleaning solutions that can be used to treat and break down the hardened glue, which will allow it to be cleaned away, usually with the use of super-heated high pressure cleaning.

Our surface restoration vehicles are fitted with hot water boiler units to allow our technicians to perform glue removal work in any location, quickly and efficiently, leaving wall surfaces looking nice and clean again.

If you’re having trouble with such stains and glue build up, call our customer support line today.