Late last week, the reaction of the City of Casey hit the media due to their pent up frustration over 3 years of what they view as VicRoad’s inadequate budget to remove graffiti painted on noise walls along the Monash freeway.

I’m sure that most of us share their concerns in relation to the graffiti:

The longer you leave it, the more you encourage additional graffiti
It’s ugly and makes the area look run-down

This Age article includes an interview on 3AW audio with the Mayor Sam Aziz, who explains his concerns. As a result of the council’s frustration, they are spending money on billboards on the freeway encouraging motorists to complain to VicRoads (it’s their responsibility to clean) about the state of the graffiti.

Whilst I understand the Council’s frustration, I also understand that VicRoads have a limited budget, and therefore spend that on the removal of the most offensive types of graffiti as their highest priority. However I believe that spending money on media, instead of spending money on cleaning off the graffiti, is just a waste. Instead, community stake holders (councils, VicRoads, property owners, the general community) need to firstly have open communication about the problem, which should lead to a united approach to tackling graffiti. This is imperative if we are going to win the battle, in a cost effective manner. The media allocated budget, for example, is much better spent on rectifying the issue at hand or may be better spent on anti-graffiti coatings on the areas most commonly affected by graffiti so removal can be quickly and efficiently performed more regularly.

The Graffiti Eaters will be very pleased to facilitate a meeting of all the stakeholders in the City of Casey, as well as VicRoads to devise a strategy and commitment from all parties and ensure any rate payer money is spent as efficiently as possible to rectify the actual problem.