We often get asked by clients “what is the best way to stop graffiti on our building?”.

While many people are expecting a long explanation that goes into detail about various anti-graffiti products and deterrents, the answer we give is usually “fast and full removal of graffiti”.

The reason for this answer is because, in our experience, graffiti that is not quickly removed simply encourages more graffiti and is why you should always try to remove graffiti as quickly as possible.

One of the main incentives for graffiti vandals is recognition from their peers, which is why they commonly use their nickname as their tag.

By acting quickly and having the graffiti fully removed as soon as it appears, you take away this recognition factor and the graffiti vandals have nothing to show for the risk they took when applying their tags.

When graffiti removal is done properly by trained professionals, the result is as though the graffiti was never there, so the graffiti vandals get no satisfaction from their efforts.

Additionally, the substances that graffiti vandals use for their tags, like spray paint, can be difficult for them to obtain. In many cases vandals have had to shop-lift or steal it, so they don’t like to waste it on locations where their tags will be cleaned away as soon as they are done.

This is why you often see graffiti tags grow quickly in number and size on buildings where a few tags appeared and were not removed. When graffiti tags are not dealt with, before long they often spread to other areas and surfaces on the building and then onto neighbouring property.

In general, a graffiti vandal won’t cover the work of someone else, so they tag the next available area of the building. However, in order for their work to stand out, it needs to be bigger or bolder than the others, so the size and volume of the graffiti quickly grows and gets out of control.

Once this happens, the impact on a business can be high, not only in the form of expense when they decide to do something about the graffiti, but also on their image and amount of trade they do with new and existing customers.

By staying vigilant and having graffiti professionally removed when it appears, you will win the battle against graffiti vandals.

If you would like to stop graffiti at your property, speak to our customer service team to find out more about how we can help.