When graffiti vandalism begins to occur in an area, it can quickly multiply if it’s not dealt with quickly and properly.

If the initial graffiti tags are left un-attended, this often encourages more attacks by either the same offenders or others, as it sends a signal that the area is not being cleaned and their graffiti tags will remain in place for a long time.

This is often the result, where graffiti encourages more graffiti and it can quickly spread if it’s not properly removed.

Graffiti vandals often target and area to gain recognition amongst their peers and other vandals. By quickly acting and removing graffiti as it happens, you’re taking away this recognition and the incentive to hit an area as the vandals learn that their paint will not be left there for long.

The paint that graffiti vandals use is not always easy for them to obtain, and as a result such vandals do not like to waste it when they know it will be removed almost straight away.

So, one of the keys to reducing the occurrence of graffiti in a specific area is through rapid and complete removal.

By taking away their motivation to target and area, you will quickly see the results and a reduction in the instance of graffiti tags.

As we are Australia’s leading graffiti removal company, our team works with many private and government organisations by providing a maintenance program that includes a graffiti removal action plan.

By having such a plan in place, graffiti will be removed within a few days of it happening, thus ensuring that your property remains graffiti free and send a message to the offenders that their efforts are going to waste.

Graffiti vandals only target sites where the graffiti is left on display so that they get recognition from their peers. Remove graffiti fast, like within 48 hours and their motivation is taken away!

To find out more about how The Graffiti Eaters can help you with graffiti removal, give our customer service team a call to arrange for a quote.