One of the best graffiti prevention methods is to quickly have it removed after it appears.

However, property owners around Australia are often unaware of what the best way is to go about reporting graffiti, and how quick removal can greatly reduce incidents of graffiti vandalism happening again in the area.

In many areas of the country, your local council will have a department and process in place to allow for the reporting of graffiti. Unfortunately, his will not always result in quick action and removal of the graffiti and in some cases no action at all.

Many local councils have limited resources to deal with all the volume of daily jobs that need to be done around our communities and as a result, if graffiti isn’t deemed to be in a location that is a problem to the local image, it can be put on a long list of jobs to be processed.

In addition to this, if the graffiti vandalism has taken place on private property the council may not take any action at all as it is up to the owner of the property to deal with such incidents themselves.

So what are your alternatives?

If the graffiti vandalism has taken place on your property, you can contact The Graffiti Eaters directly to arrange for our technicians to provide you with a quote to treat and remove the graffiti. Many people are surprised at how affordable our services are, and as a result will continue to call us in the first instance whenever graffiti has happened at their property.

When graffiti attacks have happened on public property in your area and no swift action has taken place, you can call your local council and encourage them to engage the services of a contractor like The Graffiti Eaters to help them keep graffiti under control in your neighbourhood.

With most graffiti being in the form of identifiable tags, we also recommend that you take photos of these and record all incidents. By doing this you will enable the authorities to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions once caught.

This will also show the police any particular areas which are being targeted, enabling them to focus their patrol efforts to try and catch these individuals in the act.

If you are facing graffiti problems in your area, call our team to discuss ways of reducing graffiti and keep you neighbourhood looking it’s best.