Locations which are unpopulated at night often become a target for graffiti vandalism. Areas such as construction sites, industrial areas, sporting and community facilities are often targets as vandals feel they will be less likely to be caught. If there is not much that can be done to prevent these actions from occurring, the next best solution is to reduce the amount of damage that can occur.

Metricon Homes is one of many clients who have taken this course of action. Metricon Homes invested in a colourful advertising banner around their construction site to help promote the sale of their project. Thinking ahead they invested in an anti-graffiti coating treatment, just in case vandals strike.

Sure enough they did!

Metricon Homes promptly called the Graffiti Eaters team who had the graffiti removed within 24 hours. Our anti-graffiti coatings prevent the graffiti from sinking deep into the surface, and therefore causing significant damage and requiring more work to restore the surface to its original condition.

For our client it was of great importance to have the vandalism removed straight away to protect their image and ensure that the public views the work of their organization in the best possible light. This is why many construction sites, warehouses, retailers, banks and schools trust the Graffiti Eaters to protect and maintain their assets.

To find out how your property can be protected from the effects of graffiti vandalism, contact the Graffiti Eaters.