Signage is pivotal for businesses, serving as a beacon to attract and inform potential customers. Given the dense business environment where many establishments jostle for attention, it’s imperative that your signage stands out.

UV degradation is a primary culprit behind signage damage, especially for light boxes, leading them to fade over time. This fading does more than just hamper your message’s clarity or brand representation; it can tarnish the business’s image. A faded, poorly-maintained sign might be perceived as indicative of a lacklustre attitude toward the business and its clientele.

Environmental factors, such as dust and bird droppings, can also dull a sign’s brilliance. Opting for high-pressure cleaning and targeted stain-removal solutions prevents these blemishes from becoming permanent. Timely cleaning is a preventative measure against costly replacements.

Vandalism, particularly graffiti, is another frequent challenge for business owners. Hastily removing graffiti can often lead to counterproductive techniques that exacerbate the damage. Using abrasive methods compromises both the legibility of the sign and the underlying surface’s durability against elements like moisture.

This is especially concerning for businesses in industrial zones, which become less populated post-working hours and on weekends, making them attractive targets for vandals.

The majority of today’s signage is produced via digital printing. Cleaning graffiti off such printed vinyl signs demands caution to preserve the print. Harsh chemicals or solvents can swiftly erode the print, causing colours to bleed or vanish altogether.

With our range of specialist cleaning solutions and processes, our trained technicians can, in most scenarios, eliminate graffiti with negligible to no impact on the printed material. This meticulous procedure involves a gentle hand application and precise technique, ensuring that the solution targets only the graffiti.

Graffiti removal from signage is most effective when addressed promptly after the act of vandalism. Swift action not only ensures an easier cleaning process and superior results but also significantly deters repeat targeting of the signage.

If the vinyl signage is pre-treated with an appropriate anti-graffiti coating, it can undergo multiple cleanings without affecting the print quality. Therefore, for signs at risk of being targeted by vandals, applying a protective coating is a prudent measure.