Unless you have your employees stand in the street wearing sandwich boards, your signage plays a crucial role for alerting and enticing visitors to your premises. It’s likely your sign has to compete for attention so it’s important that it stands out from a distance.

UV degradation causes most forms of signage, and in particular light boxes, to fade. Not only does fading reduce the visibility of your text, it may create a negative first impression. Passers-by see a poorly maintained sign and view this as a reflection of the owner’s attitude towards the business and their customers.

Dirt and grime from wind and bird feces also causes signs to lose their shine. High pressure cleaning and removal of individual stains with tailored solutions will prevent stains from baking into the surface. Regular cleaning will prevent an expensive replacement.

Vandalism from graffiti is another problem which business owners regularly face. The urgency required in removing graffiti often leads to unprofessional methods which cause further damage. Abrasive methods will damage the sign, making it even more unreadable. This will also damage the surface underneath, eliminating it’s resistance to moisture.

Managing graffiti is especially important for those in industrial areas which often become quiet during the evening and on Sundays. With minimal chance of getting caught, these areas are frequently targeted by graffiti vandals.

It’s important to ensure that when graffiti does occur, it can be removed quickly and with minimal expenditure. A graffiti removal expert can perform this by carefully drawing the paint to the surface and removing the stain with care.