Some of our clients have had the unfortunate experience of returning to their vehicle to find it damaged by vandals, like the graffiti shown in the above image.

If your vehicle is every attacked with graffiti, try and park it out of direct sunlight and call our team for a quick response. By slowing downing the rate at which the paint fully dries and cures, you make removal easier and cheaper.

The Graffiti Eaters process of removal

To process of removing graffiti starts with a car wash. We don’t start working on your car until it is completely free of dirt and grime. That way we ensure your delicate paint work is not scratched. Next, we conduct thorough testing to determine exactly what type of paint has been used and devise a cleaning solution that will break down the molecular bonds in the paint and weaken its strength.

Every surface on the car will require a different process and dwell time. The glass (either tinted or not), paintwork, pin-striping, plastic trims and chrome badges, all require special care.

Once we get the bulk of the paint extracted from the surfaces we can polish the duco and clean the windows to fully restore the damage.

Removing graffiti is quite difficult and tedious!

There is a lot that can go wrong removing graffiti off vehicles due to their complex construction and myriad of different surfaces. It requires industry knowledge of cleaning solutions and buffing techniques, together with years of experience to get the perfect result.

Don’t end up creating a bigger problem with damaged paintwork by attempting the task yourself.

We are here for you when you need us!