You may view agreements and contracts for anything other than your rent/mortgage and vehicles to be a risky and somewhat annoying proposition. Do I need to be “joined at the hip” to another organisation? Those who fear drama and commitment will seek to avoid these and use once-off services.

However, service agreements can actually take the complexity and drama out of maintenance! Maintenance can be a complicated nuisance and having a contract from a maintenance agreement can clear up these grey areas and avoid any confusion.

In most cases, when a service technician performs once-off maintenance on your premises, there is no contract signed before commencement of work. If the work isn’t performed to your requirements or expectations, it can be difficult to prove the work is inadequate without anything written on paper.

Service agreements are documented and created with understanding. If tasks are not performed to the agreed standards, you have an official document supporting your claims.

The two parties discuss the requirements of the client such as the type of tasks required, mode of delivery, frequency, safety and any other considerations. You may have unique, yet important requests, such as for maintenance to be conducted after 9:00pm. Just because you’re outsourcing, it doesn’t mean you’re restricted to a cookie cutter type service. A pick program A, B or C and stick within those confines type arrangement. Service agreements also benefit the service provider, so they will be keen to liaise with you and provide an arrangement which suits your specific needs.

By taking out a service agreement, you’re selling the risk to someone else. It’s in their best interest to properly rectify the problem or they will be wasting their own time returning to fix it. And if something goes wrong, it’s their fault, not yours.

Service agreements protect you from excessive maintenance costs. All tasks outlined in the agreement are conducted for the same monthly cost. This consistency allows you to budget, forecast your next 12 months of maintenance costs and avoid blowouts. Clients find that over time they pay less, as maintenance agreements are offered at a lower rate to appear more lucrative.

Service agreements ensure your premises maintain a consistent appearance and level of safety. This comes down to the preventative nature of the maintenance, rather than reactive. Monthly inspections allow for minor problems to be rectified with ease before they become major costs or safety concerns. For example, removing a rust stain early will prevent rust from causing structural damage. Installing an anti-slip coating on a slippery surface can prevent an accident and lawsuit.

Service agreements result in your maintenance tasks being performed quicker. For once-off reactive maintenance you would have to search for the right contractor, contact them to arrange for the relevant services and have the contractor fit you in around their schedule. For service agreements you will have a direct representative to contact and can even request tasks through an online client portal. Their familiarisation with yourself and your premises will enable them to commence work quickly.

The other alternative is to employ an individual or team of maintenance employees. This can prove to cost more and often won’t result in workmanship comparable to a specialist. Leading maintenance specialists focus solely on their niche area of expertise and are frequently audited by third parties to international standards.

The Graffiti Eaters have maintenance service agreements with many of Australia’s largest retailers and organisations. Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Woolworths, Kmart, KFC and 7/11, as well as local governments and schools throughout Australia. We offer more than graffiti removal and prevention services. With 40 years’ stain removal experience, we perform tasks such as:

High pressure cleaning
Oil stain removal
Paint and grease spill removal
Line mark removal
Installation of protective coatings

We are the first company in our industry to achieve accreditation to the four management standards – Quality Management, OH&S Management, Environmental Management and Risk Management. We are reviewed annually by independent auditors to ensure compliance with these benchmarks.

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