Starting with the first paintings on walls in caves thousands of years ago, and later when the Ancient Romans and Greeks would write their names and protest on building walls to convey a message to the masses, graffiti has now come to range from a form of vibrant urban artwork to an act of senseless vandalism.

Whatever the form or reason for graffiti to be present on property, the time will usually come when it needs to be removed to restore the surface back to a clean and natural finish.

Through careful consideration of the substrate to be treated, and the use of a cleaning solution that is designed for removing the specific paint or graffiti material that is present, our team of trained graffiti removal technicians can clean a wide range of graffiti from nearly any surface.

As Australia’s first graffiti removal company, The Graffiti Eaters has constantly been at the forefront of developing processes and cleaning solutions to effectively remove graffiti and deep stains from hard surfaces while maintaining the integrity of the substrate and original finish.

When it comes to cleaning graffiti from private property, schools, commercial buildings or local council infrastructure, our team can take care of the job no matter how big or small.