Most commercial property owners and managers are aware of the need to ensure that trade, maintenance and cleaning contractors performing work on their property are fully certified and insured.

However, many homeowners and residential property managers don’t realise that it’s just as important for them to ensure the same standard from any contractor performing work at their property.

Understandably, most homeowners prefer to go with the cheapest possible quote when choosing a contractor to perform work at their property.

However, in the vast majority of cases, these operators have no insurance cover or certification which means if something was to go wrong on the job or damage was to occur to the property, the homeowner can be left in a legal battle to try have the problem fixed that was caused by the contractor.

We have seen this many times, and in most cases, the homeowner is left to foot the bill for the damage caused as the un-insured contractor simply walked away from the situation leaving the homeowner with no option but to try and sort out the issue themselves.

We strongly recommend that as an absolute minimum, homeowners should seek to use a contractor who can provide evidence of an up-to-date public liability insurance policy. This provides compensation if the actions of a contractor caused damage or even injury at the property.

While public liability insurance provides adequate financial compensation should an unfortunate situation occur, it is much more preferable to prevent any incidents from happening in the first place.

Most service providers or contractors will tell clients that their work practices are safe, but not many can provide evidence to actually verify this point.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we receive yearly, independent auditing to Quality Management ISO 9001, OH&S Management AS/NZS 4801, Environmental Management ISO 14001 and Risk Management ISO 31000, and became the first company in the graffiti and stain removal industry to achieve these standards in 1995.

Our professional and highly trained Technicians always perform a detailed risk assessment before they commence any job. This outlines any potential risks and the control measures that need to be put in place to manage these risks.

So when you’re looking to have work performed at your property, keep these important points in mind and guard against any potential risks to you and your property.