Many homeowners have the same sense of pride in their homes as the character Darryl Kerrigan in The Castle – “It’s not a house it’s a castle!” For owners of heritage buildings, pride sits alongside their love and passion for their unique property. Heritage buildings can feel like a living being, containing stories, and legends. They have style, character and craftsmanship from an era when things were built to last.

When a heritage building is defaced by graffiti, the job of removing the graffiti requires special care to properly understand the properties of the building material to be worked upon. Often older buildings contain soft stones or bricks that absorb paint far more deeply, and are more easily damaged.

Your instincts may tell you to jump on the situation straight away with a scrubbing brush, soap and water. Doing this is likely to cause irreversible damage to your property. Instead, particularly in the case of a heritage property, it is vital that you call in the experts to ensure that the graffiti is removed using the correct methodology to protect your asset. That’s where the highly skilled graffiti psychologists of The Graffiti Eaters will ensure that we draw out the graffiti with the right technology, without eroding or degrading the original surface.

Graffiti may comprise paint designed for decorative colour, heat resistant engine enamel or cold gel corrosion paint, methylated spirit or solvent based texta pen. There are hundreds of combinations that react differently on the myriad of construction surfaces.

The photos below are an example of the removal of graffiti by The Graffiti Eaters from very old and beautiful sandstone, brickwork and masonry edging.

Most graffiti removal companies fail within 5 years due to the technical and legislative complexities. The Graffiti Eaters have been performing expert graffiti removal for over 35 years (seven times longer than the industry average). Unfortunately, 20% of the work we are engaged to perform is rectifying poor quality work of unqualified cleaning companies.

Don’t risk calling in the inexperienced to work on your heritage property. Call The Graffiti Eaters now on 1300 305 307.